Natural Materials Used Wisely

From farming and processing the raw materials to developing and manufacturing innovative industrial hemp products, we are creating a sustainable future that’s American-made.

Harvesting nature’s power, restoring our environment, crafting sustainable solutions with industrial hemp

Bio Fiber Industries™ is a social purpose corporation focused on agriculture technology. We deliver full cycle, innovative, responsible, sustainable and regenerative solutions from diverse crops including hemp biomass, resulting in hemp products ranging from hempcrete building materials to hemp fabrics used in a wide assortment of eco-friendly products.

Industrial hemp sourcing & processing

We provide regional solutions for sourcing raw hemp and manufacturing materials and products for your needs. If you’re looking for local, sustainable, eco-friendly, quality-assured resources based on years of expertise in the field and innovation, you’ve come to the right place.

Environmental Impact

We focus on environmentally and socially responsible solutions for our partners, clients, and the world in which we live. Designing products and materials from climate-smart agricultural crops, such as industrial hemp, paves the road to a better future.

Markets / Verticals

We’ve only begun to scratch the surface of all the ways to use hemp biomass. Not only is the hemp plant an eco-friendly crop for agriculture, but hemp fibers and seeds provide superior material qualities in areas such as strength, insulation, flexibility, and carbon sequestration. In fact, we design bioplastics, biofuels, hemp fiber composites, and we’re even exploring the use of hemp nanomaterials and batteries.

Latest News

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    The housing building blocks of the future begin with industrial hemp fiber. In Washington state, that future starts now as Governor Jay Inslee meets with Bio Fiber Industries founder, Ashley Stallworth.


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    Commercial hemp is undeniably one of the most versatile and sustainable agricultural products on the planet…and it’s remarkably environmentally friendly.


  • The Green Revolution: Unraveling the Environmental Benefits of Industrial Hemp

    Industrial hemp is the “green” industrial plant that holds vast potential in creating a sustainable future.


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