Ashley Stallworth, Bio Fiber founder & CEO in front of a stand of industrial hemp.

About Bio Fiber Industries

We are a green build focused group leveraging agricultural resources to create healthy clean materials and products for our built environments. Our purpose-driven and environmentally-focused team are committed to reducing CO2 and eliminating the poisonous chemicals used in agriculture, which allows us to produce the highest quality non-toxic raw materials available that can be utilized for our worlds built environment.

From farming and processing raw materials to developing and manufacturing innovative products, we are creating a sustainable future that’s American-made inclusively.

We are a carbon neutral company.

Our Team

Ashley Stallworth, founder and CEO of Bio Fiber Industries.

Ashley Stallworth

Founder & CEO

Background: Product Management, Solution Design & Manufacturing

Nahele Bailey, technical lead

Nahele Bailey

Technical Lead

Construction Management and Production Management

Nathan David Stallworth, co-founder of Bio Fiber Industries

Nathan David Stallworth


Business Development, Procurement and Education

Logan Herkomer, operations and business development

Logan Herkomer

Operations and Business Development

Construction Management, Biz Ops and start up experienced

David Flood, lead researcher for R&D

David Flood

Lead Researcher for R&D

Background in applied sciences specializing in nano technologies

Doug Henderson, lead scientist

Doug Henderson

Lead Scientist

Background in applied sciences specializing in scientific instrumentation production