A construction site, looking up at rafters. Hempcrete, hemp boards, and hemp insulation are commonly used in green building projects like this.

Architects / Construction

We fabricate hempcrete and other hemp building building materials for all types of applications. Along with architects, designers, engineers, and builders of all types, we partner for both residential and commercial projects, providing green housing materials to ensure sustainable development.

Hempcrete blocks shown in a wall under construction.

As a builder, designer, or architect adopting innovative, natural and sustainable materials in your projects, it is essential to meet the growing demand for healthy eco-friendly products and energy-efficient buildings.

We can help you learn more about hempcrete and our many sustainable solutions for building.

If you have a need for environmentally sustainable and restorative products, or want to learn more about how our industrial hemp building materials benefit the building industry, providing eco-friendly, sustainable, and energy efficient solutions, please contact us.