An industrial hemp crop is being harvested mechanically.

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Unlock the potential of industrial hemp agriculture by growing industrial hemp for fiber. Our proven agricultural technology solutions will give you the tools and knowledge for success.

An industrial hemp plant (sprout) is cupped in a farmer's hands with soil.

Are you a farmer looking to diversify your crop and explore new opportunities? Industrial hemp is an incredibly versatile plant to farm with numerous applications, and growing it for fiber production can be a profitable venture as well as continually ensuring your soil’s health while using less water than other traditional crops. 

Industrial Hemp Farming with Bio Fiber Industries

Discover how growing this sustainable crop can transform your farming practices and open doors to a thriving emerging market. Industrial hemp farming is a sustainable and ecologically responsible way to improve the world while making a living off your land.

Contact us for more information on industrial hemp agriculture, cultivation, harvesting techniques and resources, such as: 

  • The steps involved in cultivating industrial hemp for fiber, from seed germination to transplanting and field maintenance
  • Discussing appropriate harvesting methods, including timing, techniques, and equipment required to maximize fiber quality and yield
  • Providing tips on post-harvest processing, such as retting, decortication, and storage of hemp stalks
  • Resources to help you succeed as a farmer and as a business growing hemp
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